Solutions For SCOs

Condition One is custom case management software made for the School Certifying Official (SCO). It allows the SCO to perform all duties within a single local or cloud-hosted operating system, affording document storage, publishable notation, data collection for compliance survey purposes, and advanced security.


  • Individual case management accompanied by notation and document storage for each student
  • A single SCO profile with modifiable self-ascribed tasks
  • Chronological compliance document storage
  • Audit functions, and activity logs publishing unalterable recordkeeping data

Powerful Search

The intuitive user interface has searchable listings for notes, documents, to-dos, and much more.

  • Find student notes and emails quickly
  • Browse the audit logs
  • Save time scrolling through listings

Secure Document Storage

With both portable and cloud storage solutions, your documents, notes, and student data are safe.

  • Cloud database and storage encryption
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On options
  • Students segmented per SCO